The State of the Nation has been the leader in giving the public in depth insights and analysis of South African politics and economics as well as its future globally.

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Years Of Hard Hitting Questions

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With over 15 years of hosting State of the Nation throughout
South Africa. Mike is well positioned to put the tough questions in front of our guests and get the hard hitting facts.


SONA EP 27 With Ralph Mathekga & Wayne Duvenage

Our latest episode in conversation with Ralph Mathekga and Wayne Duvenage on the direction that South Africa is going.

SONA EP 24 With Prof. Mervyn King

Former Constitutional Judge Prof. Mervyn King gives us his thoughts on the Russia Ukraine war.

SONA EP 26 With Clem Sunter

Clem Sunter Addressing the current Flags on Ukranian Invasion by Russiaand how the signs were all there.

SONA EP 25 With Brian Pottinger

Former Sunday Times editor and author in his own right Brian Pottinger diving into South Africa and its COVID-19 response.

SONA EP 23 With John Endres

CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations gives us his economic insights and thoughts on South Africa's future


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Hear what Michael Sham and a few of our other speakers have to say on the
State of the Nation in South Africa. 

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Just a few of the well known names that have joined us on the State of the Nation.

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